Why be part of a home group?

Home Groups are there to help us live out what it means to love God and love each other. They are where people are cared for pastorally. As we each connect in a Home Group we have the opportunity to encourage each other to follow Jesus in all the challenges of everyday life, to “spur each other on towards love and good deeds”, and to be equipped to go and share our lives and the gospel with our friends and neighbours.

What happens in a Home Group?

Think of it as a weekly gathering of friends who are looking to deepen their relationship with God through sharing their life experiences, studying the scriptures, caring and praying for one another, discussing what it means to be a whole-hearted follower of Jesus Christ, and learning how to make it real in our daily lives. And usually there’s coffee.

Who can attend?

MCF Home Groups are open to anyone wanting to get connected in a real community. You are welcome to visit more than one group to find one that is a good fit for you.

When do Home Groups meet?

Below is the list of Home Groups which meet on different evenings (and one morning!). If you are interested in attending a Home Group please email johnmark@mountsandelchristianfellowship.org and we will put you in contact with the Home Group contact person listed below.

Tuesday: Paul & Rachel Martin (hosts/co-ordinators)

Tuesday: Peter & Ruth Howe (hosts/co-ordinators)

Tuesday: Charlie & Nicola McNeill (hosts), Rickard & Abi Hulten (co-ordinators)

Wednesday: Brian Evans (co-ordinator). This group rotates between three different homes.

Thursday: Billy & Mayda Robinson (hosts/co-ordinators).

Thursday: Colin & Lynne Mayrs (hosts), Joanna Cochrane (co-ordinator)