We have a two part Sunday morning with a coffee break in the middle. You are welcome to come for one part or the whole morning:


10am: Worship + Communion

In this part of the morning we sing, share bread and wine, and often have an open time where we can encourage each other by sharing stories, prayers and Scriptures with each other.

The youngest kids can leave after a few songs and go up to crèche. Children who are primary age (and older) stay in for this service – we value having them in the heart of our fellowship (and it’s OK if they make a little noise!)

11am: Coffee (in the Café area)

11:15am: Teaching

In this part of the morning we listen together to Scripture and to think about what it means for our lives. There is also usually an opportunity to receive prayer at the end of the service.

During this second service there are programmes for kids and young people of all ages. You can take the kids upstairs at the end of coffee time:

  1. Crèche is for all children of pre-school age and is in the Sunroom.

  2. Adventurers is for all children of primary school age and is in the Upper Main hall.

  3. Bible + Banter is for anyone in Years 8-12 and is in the Snug.