Mountsandel Christian Fellowship is a church made up of ordinary people from a wide variety of backgrounds and walks of life. We’re united by our shared commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord.

We don’t have any denominational label, but try to keep our focus on the central Christian message – the good news about Jesus Christ and his call to love God and love other people.

MCF began in 1981 with a few families meeting in each other’s homes. We now meet in the Sandel Centre, a community centre which was built by the church and is used by many local groups and charities. It is also the home of Cafe Cinammon, which provides a social hub for the centre and the neighbourhood. Our desire is to be a vibrant Christian witness at the heart of the local community in Mountsandel and Coleraine.

Even if you haven’t been to church for years, or are just wondering about life and faith and spirituality, you are very welcome to join us. We won’t make any assumptions or put any pressure on you. Come and listen and join in the conversation.